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As experts in design, use of ceramic materials and manufacturing of precast elements, we are happy to help you design your precast elements.

Specially designed precast elements are used where high temperatures, alkali attacks, abrasion and/or thermal shock creates a challenging environment.

Partnering with HASLE already in the design phase enables you to tap into our vast experience in advanced technical design, use of ceramic materials and manufacturing of precast elements.

Our experienced technicians specialize in:

  • Construction of precast elements
  • Choice of material
  • Drawings and documentation
  • 3D modelling
  • Heat loss calculations
  • Mould technology

We can help ensure that your precast elements are made to meet your requirements and guide you in the most efficient way of production. We work with you from initial design to shipping of your precast elements.


“We are very satisfied with the quality and appearance of HASLE’s precast elements. We worked with HASLE early in the technical design phase, and our customer has reported a fully satisfactory performance of the precast elements in the furnace, where we installed them.”

– Linus Rahn
Project Manager, Megamet AB

How it works

We begin by establishing a common understanding of the requirements for your precast elements. Your technicians will meet our technicians and discuss the details of the application, conditions, dimensions, and any specific requirements which must be met.

Subsequently, HASLE provides a design suggestion and presents you with a draft, including a sketch and a commercial quotation.

If needed, HASLE is also able to provide 3D printed prototypes.

When an agreement on the design is reached, HASLE will complete the drawings and start preparing moulds for casting. Naturally, we make a test casting and ensure that all measurements are correct, and that all surfaces are up to the agreed QA standards. When approved, production begins.

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