Precast elements

Custom-made precast solutions

HASLE manufactures precast modular elements developed by our own technicians in our plant in Denmark. We offer to design and manufacture customer-specific elements in close collaboration with the customer and based on requirements like ease of assembly, durability and thermal conduction.

Why choose a precast solution?

There are many advantages of choosing a lining made of precast modular elements. The combination of a high-quality castable with a controlled manufacturing process ensures a very durable, accurate and uniform element which can be cast in all shapes.

HASLE can pre-fire elements from 500°C to 1350°C depending on the application. Firing to 1350°C is a specialty of HASLE and results in elements with outstanding characteristics.

With a lower open porosity (down to 10%), a precast lining is less vulnerable to coating and slag attack and have greater mechanical strength. Both factors ensures an exceptionally long life compared to in-situ casted lining.

A precast refractory solution is easy to install, and the user avoids the time consuming drying-out process which occurs with an in-situ casted solution. With a precast solution the operation can be restarted fast and without risk of explosion due to vapours emitted from the castables. For instance, if an operating kiln system needs to be renovated, the repair process is short: the precast elements can be quickly replaced and also no formwork is required.

Gallery of our recent precast elements

HASLE Precast elements

From left to right: 2 elements for Gen I and GEN III of HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder, HASLE cylindrical modular lining element and a +110kg element for a reheating furnace.

HASLE Precast elements

Applications ranging from Biomass boiler roof to searing-oven for slaughterhouses.

HASLE Precast elements

Cast 350kg elements for a leading company in the European steel industry.

HASLE Precast for Steel Industry

Custom designed elements pre-fired to 500 °C

HASLE Precast elements

Assorted elements for boilers, burner nozzles and HASLE Modular lining.

HASLE Precast for Boiler

Precast element for modern household pellet boiler.

HASLE Precast tile

Precast tile for gas generator in CHP plant.

“HASLE took care of all aspects of these custom-made precast elements to our full satisfaction, at a much smaller cost.
I strongly recommend using a HASLE
pre-cast solution, if you have short lifetime or cracks in your pressed brick lining.”

– Torben Grønbech,
Head of Maintenance,
Hilleroed Kraftvarme


Castables, Datasheet overview

Raw materials with excellent chemical resistance
HASLE castables are manufactured on the basis of our own unique recipes. Even though our recipes are considered being among the best in the world, we continuously invest in R&D and plant equipment and we have excellent references.

Why you should chose HASLE Castables:

› Premium Quality raw materials - proven recipes. In dept Quality Assurance based on ISO 9001:2015
› Flexible Production Plant located in Denmark - provides fast responsetime on orders of all sizes
› Gunning castables with very low rebound - reduces waste in the installation process
› Insulating castables completes your HASLE Refractory solutions.


Download our product overview data sheet here.

Precast elements

HASLE offers precast in two categories:

The first category is standard designs such as HASLE Modular Lining and HASLE CVF. You can download references for HASLE precast elements here:

The second category is custom made elements designed according to customer demands or after customers drawing. We offer to design and manufacture customer-specific elements in close collaboration with the customer and based on requirements such as ease of installation, durability, and thermal properties.

Why choose HASLE precast?

  • You will always get a better quality in a specialized factory production than in an “on site” installation. Using custom made mixers, vibration equipment and mold systems allows lower water addition resulting in lower porosity and higher strength than in situ casted installation.
  • Optimal quality means you can expect longer lifetime and less unforeseen production stops for a pre-cast lining.
  • The elements come “ready to go”. Dry-out and QA completed. Saves you time for dry-out.
  • Pre-cast have no shelf life issues. This eliminates waste of materials and eliminate lead times and other transportation issues. You can keep pre-cast in stock right where it is needed for fast installation works.
  • HASLE offer pre-fire of elements in the range from 500°C to 1350°C depending on application and needs. Firing to 1350°C is a specialty of HASLE and it secures elements with outstanding characteristics.

Ceramic Vortex Finder

HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder

The HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder is designed to improve and safeguard operations in industrial cyclones.

The CVF provides an alternative to traditional steel vortex finders with the following advantages:

  • Handle harsh chemical conditions caused by e.g. use of alternative fuels better than steel vortex finders as the ceramic material will not buckle and is more corrosion resistant
  • Does not contain chromium, and is therefore safer and less complicated to maintain and service than its steel counterparts
  • Is made from individual, interlocking elements weighing 16-20kg and can therefore be handled and installed without heavy lifting equipment.
  • Can withstand higher temperatures than steel vortex finders
  • In case of failure the relatively small elements can pass through production and allow operations to continue. Steel vortex finders will almost always cause blockage of the cyclone in case of failure.

Watch the video animation on HASLE's CVF here.

Modular Lining

HASLE Modular Lining is a factory made, flexible precast refractory lining system for walls, roofs, and curves. Element size is designed for easy handling and installation. Insulation properties can be configured according to customer demands and wishes. The elements are highly resistant to alkali attack and build up. The elements come dried out eliminating need for special on-site dry-out arrangements. This allows for faster restart of production.

The HASLE Modular lining system is a layered construction consisting of wear lining elements back casted with a layer of castable/insulating castable, and in some cases a layer of calcium silicate insulation.
Establishing a modular lining system made from HASLE alkali resistant LCC castable D59A offers the following benefits:

  • Increased lifetime compared with in-situ casted installation
  • reduces/eliminates coating problems (build-up)
  • reduces maintenance
  • improves insulation
  • can increase cross-section area of bottlenecks like riser duct/feed pipe (by reducing overall lining thickness)
  • reduces installation time

In principle, the construction is the same for flat, conical, cylindrical and roof elements. The simple and flexible design of HASLE modular lining ensures easy and fast installation.

Explore our Modular Lining here.

Refractory commodities

Refractory commodities
To supplement our own castables and precast products, HASLE offers a wide range of ceramic fibers, insulating bricks, fireclay bricks and anchors.

These refractory products are most often supplied as part of a complete refractory solution consisting of HASLE precast and/or castables plus the necessary accessories. However, we are happy to help if you need only the bricks/fibers/anchors.

Ceramic fibers
Ceramic fibers products are used wherever high insulating capacity is required. If mechanical wear is not present, ceramic fibers can be used as the only refractory material which is in contact with the process.

HASLE sell different types of fibers, amongst these synthetic bio-soluble fibers. The fibers is water soluble and therefore, in case of inhalation, less harmful to human health than traditional ceramic fibers.

Insulating bricks
Insulating bricks are distinguished from other bricks by their high porosity and, thus, lower compressive strength. The advantage of insulating bricks is that they can be used for both primary lining and insulation backing. They have good insulating capacity, good thermal resistance and provide a lightweight refractory structure.

Fireclay bricks
Used for building wood-burning stoves, small stoves and ceilings, etc. The bricks are made from chamotte (fire clay).

HASLE has a vast experience in choosing metal anchors for casted solutions. We can assist in choosing the right anchor type and are happy to supply any kind of metal anchor.

Technical Design Service

As experts in design, use of ceramic materials and manufacturing of precast elements, we are happy to help you design your precast elements.

Specially designed precast elements are used where high temperatures, alkali attacks, abrasion and/or thermal shock creates a challenging environment.

Partnering with HASLE already in the design phase enables you to tap into our vast experience in advanced technical design, use of ceramic materials and manufacturing of precast elements.

We can help ensure that your precast elements are made to meet your requirements and guide you in the most efficient way of production. We work with you from initial design to shipping of your precast elements.

Call us today for a discussion of your precast element design needs at +45 5695 1800 - or explore our Technical Design Services here.


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