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Unique precast Modular Lining

Do you have unscheduled shutdowns caused by coating? Have you optimized the use of energy in your plant? Would you like to use RDF, alternative fuel? If so, HASLE’s unique Modular Lining is what you need – and we even offer a free trial!

HASLE’s precast Modular Lining is a flexible, precast refractory lining system for walls, roofs and curves. It consists of a layer of precast hotface elements, a layer of insulating castable, and in some cases a layer of calcium silicate insulation.

We invite you to explore the characteristics of our unique Modular Lining below, and welcome you to sign up to be contacted to discuss a free trial installation. Yes, that’s right: We offer a free trial installation of a small area of your process, so you can test the performance of our Modular Lining in your own production plant. Just sign up at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch.

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How does it help your production process?

Get a better runfactor
The low, open porosity and the smooth impact surface of HASLE’s precast Modular Lining makes it highly resistant to alkali attack and build-up. It lasts at least twice as long, than an in-situ casting, eliminates unscheduled shutdowns and allows for faster restart of production.

Maximize your capacity
Compared to other refractory solutions, using HASLE’s Modular Lining will free up space in your process, simply because it is thinner than an in-situ casted wear lining. It can be designed as thin as 185mm, without compromizing on heatloss. This extra space can be used to clear bottlenecks, and consequently increase production.

Exceptional lifetime
HASLE’s Modular Lining is installed in more than one hundred applications in cement plants around the world, and has achieved an outstanding lifetime. Take a look at the case stories at the bottom of this page to learn more about the Modular Linings exceptional performance and lifetime.

Custom-made solutions worldwide
We have over 175 years of experience in refractory design. We are committed to creating custom-made solutions to meet our customers’ needs. With subsidiaries in India and Thailand, we supply innovative refractory solutions for high temperature industries around the world.

“Currently, the precast Modular Lining has achieved a lifetime of +30 month. We estimate it will have an additional lifetime of up to 24 months, so we are very satisfied with it.”

– Ms. Kate Strachan,
Plant Manager,
Lafarge Exshaw, Canada

Our Modular Lining helps you achieve your goals

Using the HASLE Modular Lining gets you closer to reaching your Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal 9.4 Upgrade infrastructures and industries to make them sustainable, and 12.2 Achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural ressources.

Due to the high strength of the Modular Lining, cement factories can use alternative fuels without risking unscheduled shut-downs necessary to clean the burn chambers. This allows cement factories to create energy from i.e. garbage that would otherwise have gone to waste. The increased operational reliability and better use of energy is evident on the bottom line, and the decreased CO2-emission impacts the global carbon emission accounts.

How HASLE’s Modular Lining contributes
Leaves more room in the burn chamber, while providing better insulation. Both factors contribute to lowering the CO2-emission through optimal use of the energy. Enables use of alternative fuels i.e. waste.

How HASLE’s Modular Lining contributes.
Lasts at least twice as long, and often longer, than an in-situ castable. So, cement factories can lower their use of natural resources per ton clinker, because our Modular Lining reduces the number of re-linings and repairs needed.

What are the main environmental benefits?

Lower your use of natural resources
HASLE’s precast Modular Lining has proven to lasts at least twice as long, and often longer, than an in-situ castable. So, cement factories can lower their use of natural resources per ton clinker, simply by changing to modular lining, because it reduces the number of re-linings and repairs needed.

Reduce your use of fossil fuels
HASLE’s precast Modular Lining is ideal for cement plants who want to use alternative fuels without risking unscheduled shut-downs for removing coating. As a result, cement plants can use alternative fuels (RDFs) and reduce – or eliminate – their use of fossil fuels. This makes sense, both environmentally and financially.

Optimize your use of energy
Not only can HASLEs thinner modular create extra space which can be utilized to clear bottlenecks, and increase production, the thinner lining can also, if required, provide room for extra insulation thus reducing heat loss, and optimizing the use of energy per ton clinker.

Loyal customers worldwide
We have helped hundreds of customers install HASLE’s Modular Lining in a variety of applications throughout the world. Among these are Cement Plants, Boilers, and Incineration Plants. We also have precast solutions for curved and cylindrical structures such as Feed Pipes, Cyclone Walls and Vertical Bullnoses etc.

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