Towards a sustainable production

At HASLE Refractories, we operate our business with a continued focus on sustainability.

We have begun a journey to examine how we can reduce our own reduction of CO2-emission as well as how we can help others do the same by providing products that can help lower the use of natural resources and optimizing the use of energy.

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In an age of globalization and growing competitive pressure, it is important for a company that operates internationally to have consistent and uniform criteria on which to base its activities. In an continuous effort to maintain high standards in regards to human rights, workers rights and the environment, we have stipulated our principles and our expectations of how suppliers should act in our Code of Conduct.

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Our efforts towards a sustainable future

We are committed to supporting the achievement of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals of the Paris Agreement within the following areas:

HASLE contributes to SDG 6 by responsible water management.

We reduced water consumption by 29% in 2019.

HASLE is actively working towards increasing the share of reused water.

HASLE contributes to SDG 8 by carefully planning the production with full consideration for the employees’ health and safety.

Repetitive work is limited in order to minimize health effects.

Work and production methods is adapted to the individual employee.

In 2021, HASLE was once again awarded The Green Smiley from Danish Working Environment Authority. The Green Smiley symbol is awarded to companies that fully satisfy the Authority’s standards for safety and employee working conditions.

HASLE contributes to SDG 9 by manufacturing products which allow for a sustainable production of concrete for critical infrastructure throughout the world.

Our precast lining leaves more room in the burn chamber thus increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions.

Due to the high strength of the modular lining, the product lifetime is extended which enables cement factories to use alternative fuels.

HASLE contributes to SDG 11 by creating economic growth and job opportunities for the local community at Bornholm.

We contribute to Bornholm’s goal of zero net CO2 emissions by 2035 by pursuing efforts to reach HASLE’s ambitious sustainability targets.

HASLE contributes to SDG 12 by providing energy efficient products, sorting waste and continuously optimize energy efficiency at our plant.

We sort our waste and label, store and dispose hazardous waste as instructed by authorities.

New smaller oven to increase energy efficiency, will save up to 16 tonnes CO2 emissions yearly.

HASLE reduced electricity consumption by 4% in 2019 ~3 tonnes CO2 due to optimized production processes.

HASLE contributes to SDG 13 by providing energy efficient products, creating transparency of CO_2 footprint and setting ambitious reduction targets.

We report our level of emissions annually and evaluate our performance in accordance to our targets.

We have implemented a Code of Conduct screening all suppliers on social and environmental responsibility.

“With the increasing urbanization in many parts of the world, the future will bring a much larger consumption of cement. As an old, family-owned company, we feel a responsibility to contribute to a sustainable future for the cement industry.”

– Michael Bladt, CEO

Our concrete contribution

At HASLE Refractories, we offer part of the solution: A precast modular lining of exceptional strength for the burn chambers of cement factories. Using the HASLE Modular Lining gets you closer to reaching your Sustainable Development Goals, specifically goal 9.4 Upgrade infrastructures and industries to make them sustainable, and 12.2 Achieve sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources.

Due to the high strength of the Modular Lining, cement factories can use alternative fuels without risking unscheduled shut-downs necessary to clean the burn chambers. This allows cement factories to create energy from i.e. garbage that would otherwise have gone to waste. The increased operational reliability and better use of energy is evident on the bottom line, and the decreased CO2-emission impacts the global carbon emission accounts.

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