Ceramic Vortex Finder

Ceramic Vortex Finder

The HASLE Ceramic Vortex Finder is designed to improve and safeguard operations in industrial cyclones.

The CVF provides an alternative to traditional steel vortex finders with the following advantages:

  • Handle harsh chemical conditions caused by e.g. use of alternative fuels better than steel vortex finders as the ceramic material will not buckle and is more corrosion resistant
  • Does not contain chromium, and is therefore safer and less complicated to maintain and service than its steel counterparts
  • Is made from individual, interlocking elements weighing 16-20kg and can therefore be handled and installed without heavy lifting equipment.
  • Can withstand higher temperatures than steel vortex finders
  • In case of failure the relatively small elements can pass through production and allow operations to continue. Steel vortex finders will almost always cause blockage of the cyclone in case of failure.

Watch the video animation on HASLE’s CVF below.

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