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Worldwide supplier of the best refractories

HASLE Refractories develops, manufactures and supplies unique refractory materials for high temperature industries. We serve the cement, power, waste, biomass, steel, glass and paper industries.

We offer the best castable- and precast solutions to enable high-temperature industries improve their run factor, energy efficiency and lower their CO2-footprint. Our solutions also help increase process performance and profitability, with reduced downtime and lower operational costs.

Since the beginning in year 1843, we have grown our company based on quality, flexibility and quick response times, because we know your downtime means a loss. We help you protect your high temperature process with the best refractory solution possible.

We know your high temperature processes are demanding and cost intensive. Build ups, alkali attacks, abrasion, thermal chock and energy consumption are challenges, but these can be minimized by using the right castable or precast solution.

We take pride in our reputation. In order to be the preferred supplier to high temperature industries around the world, we source only the very best raw materials from 14 different countries. This is not easy, but it is necessary to manufacture the best refractory materials.

Our work is based on our own secret recipes. We use solely virgin materials and test all raw materials going into our plant. All products are tested in our laboratory to secure a consistent high quality.

How do we work with quality assurance of our products?

Quality assurance and production monitoring is an essential part of a modern manufacturing plant. Learn about our QA/QC efforts.

How do we contribute to a more sustainable cement industry?

We provide products that help others lower the use of natural resources and optimize the use of energy. We have also a journey to examine how we can reduce our own reduction of CO2-emission.

We are ISO9001:2015 certified

At HASLE Refractories, we are ISO9001:2015 certified. This means we meet the requirements designated under ISO9001:2015, hereamongst to define and follow a quality management system that is both appropriate and effective while also identifying areas for improvement and take action toward those improvements. Our ISO9001:2015 certification is a recognition that we have demonstrated the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

The scope of our certification covers development, procurement, production, design, sales and supervision of refractory solutions. Our ISO9001:2015 certification pertains to our operations in Denmark, and does not apply to our subsidiaries in India and Thailand.

Download our current ISO9001:2015 certification here.

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