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 At HASLE Refractories, we are aware that our activities have an impact on the environment — or in other words: A carbon footprint. As a first step to reducing our CO2-emission, we started in 2019 to calculate our CO2-footprint based on our business activities.  Measuring our carbon emissions is an important first step towards reducing them, and the 2019 footprint is the baseline for our continued efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. In 2021, we emitted 25,6 kg CO2 when producing a tonne of refractories (scope 1 and 2). Our production has an annual CO2-emission of 190 tonnes (scope 1 and 2).

The two main sources of CO2-emission from HASLE’s production is the use of gas for our furnaces (scope 1) and our use of electricity for machines and equipment (scope 2).

When burning our precast elements, we use gas for our large furnaces. We continuously work on optimizing the operation by monitoring the use of gas and adjusting the programmes to get a more efficient process. We are using a small, electrical furnace when burning small, special orders, instead of firing up our large furnaces. This allows for a more flexible production and a smarter use of energy for small or special orders. 

We also strive to reduce our overall consumption of electricity for production (kWh used per produced tonne). When production equipment is replaced, we always ensure that the new equipment is more energy efficient. Our offices, workshops and production facilities are heated by way of heat pumps which ensure high energy efficiency. Since 2021 our office building has been heated by electricity created by solar cells.


Scope 1: Direct emissions from fuel consumption for refractories production and emissions from company owned vehicles.

Scope 2: Indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity consumed in the company’s owned equipment.

Scope 3: Other indirect emissions assessed (transport related activities throughout supply chain and employee transportation in non-company owned vehicles/vessels).

Note: Scope 3 is reported on basis of the biggest sources to emissions within the scope, therefore, extraction and production of raw materials are excluded.



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